Wednesday 8 February 2012

Making History: A Call to Arms

A great chance for you to be involved in the Peasants War in Miniature touring exhibition!

Description: Description: Description: Peasants War in Miniature

Fancy being part of a Design Collective to make history?
Professor Doug Miller will be sharing some background to the invitation he has received from theAssociation of Peasants War Museums in Germany to develop a touring exhibition which depicts the origins, key events and culmination of what was one of the most significant popular uprisings in European history.
The exhibition will feature a series of 12 miniature dioramas, vignettes, figures and artifacts, which Doug has been developing for the past 30 years. Some of the exhibits have still to be made and the exhibition will require an overall feel and visualisation.
This is a unique opportunity to apply our collective multi-disciplinary design talent (costume/graphic design/3D/interactive media design) to make something which will tour (for 3 years at least) around the 12 museums in central and Southern Germany which are devoted to this major event in German history. 
Peasants War in Miniature is planned to launch in the middle of 2014.
Intrigued – why not register to come along, meet Doug and find out more!

Thursday 9th February 2012
School of Design
Presentation hall
4pm – 5pm