Saturday 20 August 2016

Henry VIII's personal standard

It's been a quiet week on the painting front however have managed to finish Henry VIII's personal standard. unfortunately  I couldn't quite get the lighting right with this pic so a lot of the subtle shading on the white part of the flag has been 'lost' by the camera flash. Cheers Pete

Sunday 7 August 2016

Earl of Northumberland's standard bearer 1513

Here's  pic of my representation of the Earl of Northumberland's standard bearer wandering around France in 1513, Coming from the North East I've always had a soft spot for Northumberland and he was the first Wars of the Roses flag I painted. Figure is an Italian guardsmen by TAG, which is a lovely figure really evocative of the period; shame there weren't more that could pass as early Tudors.

Third flagsheet for Henry VIII's invasion of France 1513 that includes Talbot, Northumberland, Stanley and one I made earlier Suffolk. for further info on these flags and the personalities they represent you can't go wrong having at look at Stuart's cracking website:  cheers Pete

Monday 1 August 2016

Henry VIII's invasion of France 1513 sheet 2

Here's the second sheet for Henry VIII's invasion of France, the picture's a bit dark but I'm having a few problems with my camera at the moment. Many of these early Tudor flags can be used for the Wars of the Roses so I'll have to have a think  how I'll put the sheets together.