Tuesday 31 July 2012

Figures with Gothic style pointy shoes from the Triumph of Maximillian . The first printed version of this was produced in 1526 however as far as I can make out the plates were produced sometime between 1512 to 1519 however someone might be able to shed more light on this. 

French infantry at Fornovo

French or Genoese infantry at the siege of Genoa 1507

Louis XII archers of the guard

More French archers from the time of Louis XII and probably guards again.

French or Genoese archer

French archers 1480 ish 

French archers supporting the Swiss Pike at Fornovo, these probably represent the dismounted archers of the guard 

Italian archers at the siege of Piombino 1480 ish 

French archer 1480

Saturday 21 July 2012

The first of the Sforza flags; it still needs a bit tweaking but it's almost finished.

Flags representing the Malatesta's of Rimini. the red, white and green  flags are taken direct from  contemporary sources  whilst the others are based on coats of arms. There's one more flag to do and for the Malatesta's however it might be some while as I can't ascertain the colours, however next up is the Sforza's.  Cheers Pete.

Friday 20 July 2012

Here's the 8 completed flags for Montefeltro. Now that I've set up the business side of things is all settled  I can now  sell these and the other flags depicted on this blog. The prices are £1.75 each for cloth flags and £1.25 for paper ones. For orders of 10 plus flags the price of  cloth flags are £1.50 each and paper ones £1.00; 15mm flags are also available. Postage is £1.00 for the UK and £1.50 the rest of the world and payment is by paypal. If anyone's interested in getting their hands on any of my flags please email me on petesflags  (at) yahoo (dot) com  cheers Pete

Sunday 15 July 2012

Standard Bearer of Federico da Montefeltro  at the battle of Poggio Imperiale. Figure is  a Perry Plastic from the European Mercenaries box. I've experimented with putting black borders around this flag  as it helps to provide definition to the flag which is really helpful when printing on cloth.  cheers Pete

Monday 2 July 2012

Sigismondo Malatesta Duke of Rimini; Perry figure on a Mirliton horse . the saddle is cut from a Perry plastic horse.  looks like I need to highlight his nose and a little dab to the saddle, i'll do this prior to finishing the base.