Sunday 24 July 2016

Henry VIII Invasion of France 1513

I've been asked a number of times whether I'd be interested in completing some flags for Henry VIII's invasion of France in 1513 and have always said no. However due to Stuart Mulligan's inspirational Army Royal blog and him kindly giving his permission to use his research and the persistence of a number of people (you know who you are) who want these flags I've got cracking and completed the first set of four. Painting these flags has been a total pleasure and the temptation to start an early Tudor army of my own is likely prove too much however I doubt I have the skill or the time to come up with what Stuart has accomplished with his Perry figures; hopefully a figure manufacturer will take a punt and complete some early Tudor figures.

This flag is for the Lord chamberlain and for a run down of his involvement in the invasion please take a look at Stuart's blog here: