Monday 17 July 2017

Landsknecht Flags 2

Here's a set of flags for flags for Landsknechts in French Service. information on these flags is a bit scarce  and requires a bit of faith. The dark blue flags are taken from an anonymous painting of the Battle of Pavia (please see below) showing what look like Landsknechts attacking Imperial arquebusiers. Nevertheless given the artistic conventions of the time these could quite easily be French infantry flags; the same goes for the yellow flag with the cross of St Denis. The other two flags are courtesy of Stuart Mulligan and can be seen in his excellent blog here: and the Van Orley tapestries. The next Landsknecht flags will be 'Landsknechts in Imperial Service and these will be followed by some generic and heraldic flags, Cheers Pete


Friday 14 July 2017

Landsknecht Flags

Here's a pic of the first Landsknecht sheet completed containing George von Frundsberg's banner , heraldic Hapsburg flag, flag of Nurnberg an Imperial Eagle with the coat of arms of Maximillian and an St Andrews Cross (which is by far my favourite. If anyone has any particular Landsknecht flag they would want to see just add a comment to my blog and I might be able to include in the following flag sets. Cheers Pete

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Landsknecht Flags WIP

Motivated by Warlord releasing their plastic Landsknechts I thought I'd have a bash at painting some mesell, so here's a pic of the first four. There's another one half completed on the painting table and I'm planning on having around 20 or so done altogether once I've got a few more Wars of the Roses out of the way.