Friday 14 July 2017

Landsknecht Flags

Here's a pic of the first Landsknecht sheet completed containing George von Frundsberg's banner , heraldic Hapsburg flag, flag of Nurnberg an Imperial Eagle with the coat of arms of Maximillian and an St Andrews Cross (which is by far my favourite. If anyone has any particular Landsknecht flag they would want to see just add a comment to my blog and I might be able to include in the following flag sets. Cheers Pete


  1. Great flags Pete, and yes I am the same as you I have ordered some plastic landsknects. How about a Swabian flag,there are a couple which would look great, there is the one with a Black and Gold eagle which looks great, or any of the Fugger standards.

  2. These are excellent Pete

    Another St. Andrew's Cross would be good, I've seen various examples in different colours. Also the Renfahne (black and white with crossed swords) and a simple saltire or ragged saltire. There's the Fugger family too and you may also wish to have a couple for Landsknechts in French service. In fact there are loads ! Send me an email buddy and I'll see if I can dig some references out for you.


    1. I could use banners for Landsknechts in French service! Stuart, please send references on to Pete.

  3. Are there plans for these in 15 mm ?

  4. Hi, 15mm flags are already up for sale on ebay, cheers Pete