Sunday 16 November 2014

The Assault Group Tudor nobles

Here's a couple of pics of  my first base of Tudor nobles,  I've still got the base to finish and will get this done later  on in the week.  I've only got 7 border horse to paint and  then this 300 pt  Impetus army is complete and then it's back to painting  some flags or start painting the French. the figures are by the Assault Group and the barded horses are by Eureka. 

Tag Argoulet officer 

Sunday 9 November 2014

WIP TAG Tudor standard bearer

Here's a WIP pic of the Tudor noble standard bearer, the rider's by TAG and the horse is by Eureka. I'm not sure how many nobles I'll give barded horses as I'm unsure to what extent they were used at this date. The little info I have is they didn't have time to get the bards from the baggage train at the Battle of Pinkie so charged without them which suggests they used them at other times. cheers Pete 

more Tudors for Impetus

Here's a couple more bases for the Tudors, the first is a unit of carabins  which appear to have been pretty successful in the war in scotland and the other is a Tudor shrimpe artillery piece. Little is known about these guns and I didn't have a clue what colour to paint it but think it's turned out okay. It's a funny looking thing though and reminds me of the mouse from fingerbobs.