Saturday 3 December 2011

Monday 21 November 2011

New foundry Gendarmes

New Foundry Gendarme

Foundry duke of Urbino; this figures going on ebay once I take a good pic as he's a little early for my Italian Wars figures 

Saturday 17 September 2011

More Old Pics

Landsknecht command group
Spanish Genitors

Generic gun; old glory figures

Old Glory Sword and bicklermen

Condottierre General

Generic Pike mainly Redoubt figures

Landsknecht Pike

Spanish Arquebusiers

Landsknecht skirmishers and halberdiers

Sunday 4 September 2011

old figures

Foundry, willie and essex horse

Foundry and Old Glory Gendarmes

Foundry sword and buckler

Foundry figures and a Hinchcliffe gun

Front Rank and home sculpts

Foundry and Old glory figures

Sunday 31 July 2011

Artizan Swiss

Artizan Swiss

Artizan Swiss Arquebusiers: These figures and the pike above were painted using the dip  (Wilkinson's quick drying Dark Oak varnish ) and then highlighted.  This took about the third of the time paint than my other figures.

Saturday 23 July 2011

German knight

German knight  converted from a Grenadier late medieval figure, boots and cowl made from Greenstuff, head from the perry mercenaries box and the lance is from TAG.  The idea for this figure came from Stuart Mulligan's work on his English demi lancers which can be seen here :

cheers Pete

Saturday 18 June 2011

Tiger Miniatures Renaissance

Mounted command from Tiger Miniatures  new Renaissance range and a Spanish arquebusier figure from TAG.   I bought  these figures as sampler oft he range but have decided to sell the command set on ebay as my Italian wars armies are from the earlier stages of the wars and these to me look more 1520's plus.  I anyone's interested here's a link to the ebay listing :

Friday 10 June 2011

Swiss standard bearer

Artizan figure depicting a Swiss standard bearer from  Berne

Friday 3 June 2011

Steve Dean Painting Swap

Landsnecht Officer painted for me by Iain 1914  as part of the Steve Dean painting Swap; really nice blending on the red on this figure 

and here's the one I painted for Aircav; it's not Italian Wars  but I've no other way of making a link to it.

Thursday 5 May 2011

Steel bases

hi, the bases I've used are from Ian Carbutt and his website can be viewed here  all I can say is excellent service and an exceptional product. Cheers Pete

Wednesday 4 May 2011