Monday 9 May 2011

Landsknecht flags

Landsknecht cloth flags


  1. Fab stuff.

    I'm about to put the banners you sent me together so they should be on my blog very soon.

    I'm highly impressed by what you sent me mate.


  2. Fantastic and inspirational blog. Got a few of your flags as samples recently:
    (1) Will the sheets be available soon ?
    (2) What are the impetus base sizes - is it one standard base ?
    (3) Are there any ospreys or other easily obtainable dress references?
    Many thanks
    Jonathan M

  3. Hi placed the cloth flag sheets on ebay, there's 9 altogether.

    28mm Impetus bases are all 12cm frontage have a look at thi slink for a free version of the rules and for base sizes

    There's a few Osprey's available but there was little uniformity at this stage of the Renaissance; I'll probably get shot for saying that though. cheers Pete