Tuesday 10 November 2015

Completed WAS and SYW Austrian flags

Here's the first couple of flagsheets for the Austrian army from the WAS and early SYW, I'm planning 10 regiments for my Austrian army so will be painting another sheet before moving on to the, but first I'll be working on some Landsknecht and Savoy flags. The price for these printed on premium quality paper is £6 per sheet plus postage of a £1 for the UK, £1.48 Europe and £2.48 the rest of the world. I'll also be selling these flags individually please
email me on petesflags@yahoo.com  if anyone's interested in obtaining any of these. Apologies in advance for the for the poor pics.

Sunday 8 November 2015

War of the Austrian Succession and Seven Years War Flags

 I recently picked up the Summerfield book on the Austrian infantry and he proposes that flags from the time of Leopold I may have been used  however I'm not tempted to paint any of these. What's certain there is a lot of unknowns around the flags from this time and flags appear to have been used until they were captured or wore out. So with this in mind here's another pair of flags dating from the reign of Charles VI and likely to have been used in the WAS and early SYW, the coat of arms are dated 1737.