Wednesday 11 October 2017

Battle of Frankenhausen 1525 by Doug Miller

It's been a long time coming but this little beauty landed on my mat this morning, 135  pages,
85 illustrations - mostly contemporary, 3 colour plates plus photos of models and dioramas including one painted by yours truly and with a foreword by Gerry Embleton.

Here's Doug's blurb on the book and a couple of pics:

Over 2 days in May 1525 some 8000 rebels faced the combined armies of Philip of Hesse, Duke Henry of Brunswick and Duke George of Saxony at the salt town of Frankenhausen in Central Germany. Many of those present amongst the insurgents had been drawn by the teachings of the radical cleric Thomas M√ľntzer who openly challenged the princes to embrace his communitarian theology. In this richly illustrated book, Doug Miller seeks to piece together the events leading up to the massacre of some 7000 rebels and place it in its wider historical context. Frankenhausen remains something of an enigma and the author makes the case for battlefield archaeology to shed light on some of the unanswered questions concerning  what many consider to be the most decisive ‘battle’ of the German Peasants War.
Front cover

Peasant baggage train painted by me

The book is available direct from Doug however I'm sure Caliver books has a few in stock, cheers Pete