Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Italian Wars Flags

Cloth Italian Wars Spanish Flags


  1. Wow!!! Who? Where? When and How? These are my immediate questions!! They look amazing and it just so happens that I'm collecting miniatures for an Imperialist army.

    Answers would be most welcome.


  2. Thanks for the comments on the flags. I painted and produced them and have been selling them on ebay for £12.50 per sheet. I've removed the listings for now though as I'm having problems with the consistency of the stock. Email me your address and I'll post you a sample. cheers Pete

  3. Hi Pete,

    I can't find an e-mail link on your blog. Do you think you could mail me at darrell DOT hindley AT googlemail DOT com so I've got your address please?


  4. Hi Pete, I managed to track you down... I contacted you on ebay and they were adamant that I was not going to contact you again to do business outside of ebay...Made me all the more determined, lol..

    Anyway, I would love to get hold of a set of the 15mm Spanish Italian Wars flags please. I happy to donate whatever the going rate is, how and where (url)?

    Flags to please.