Sunday, 4 September 2011

old figures

Foundry, willie and essex horse

Foundry and Old Glory Gendarmes

Foundry sword and buckler

Foundry figures and a Hinchcliffe gun

Front Rank and home sculpts

Foundry and Old glory figures


  1. Those look fantastic thanks for sharing !
    I would love to see more of this collection.

  2. Thanks for the comment Willie, I've got some more pics of these stored somewhere I'll try and dig them out. Sadly this army was sold in 2005 to help with the costs of going through university. I'm busy rebuilding it now though. cheers Pete

  3. I would love to see more if you have them!
    Real shame you had to sell the,m but on the plus side you have the abilty to do the collection again.
    Looking forward to seeing this collection progress.

  4. I second Willies comments, was this the army that there were pics of on the Yahoo Renwars group? They were part of the inspiration for me deciding to start collecting this period. There was a great command vingette of a prisoner, gendarme and landsknecht, I would love to see more pics.

  5. Hi Oli, it was the army on the Renwars sight and I kept hold of that command set. I'll try and dig out some more pics.

    Once again thaks for the comments