Sunday 19 August 2012

Standard bearer of Bartolomeo Colleoni; I've two of these painted and enough evidence to complete 4 flags in total  however I'm going to crack on with more Sforza  and a few Milanese flags next. Flag printed on paper and the figure is Wargames Foundry.  Cheers Pete 

2nd Colleoni Flag


  1. Again, you have done some outstanding work, especially on your flags!

    Keep up the good work. How extensive is the collection right now?

  2. Hi Rob, thank s for the comments. to date I've 23 condottieri flags completed, 30 Swiss; 3 of which I'min the process of repainting as new information has chenged my ideas for them, 30 or so TYW around 50 Italian Wars flags and some Spanish and Portuguese Napoleonic Flags. I've goy plans for quite a few condottieri flags and some German peasant war/Landsnecht type flags.


  3. Splendid - really outstanding work and research.