Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Standard of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta around 1460 

Malatesta standard from the Hesperis manuscript depicting the seige of Piombino. Thanks once again to Massimo Predonzani and Carl de Roo for their help in producing these flags.
15mm version of the flag of Sigismondo Malatesta, the picture  leaves alot to be desired  however the light was poor when I took the pic. Fogure is Mirliton and the flags is 18mm in the hoist. 


  1. They look great. These flags are so good I am tempted to stray away from collecting the early 1500s to collect Malatesta and Montfeltro forces to oppose each other under!

  2. Hi Oli, Why not do both?

    I'll be returning to the Italian Wars soon; starting with a few Borgia flags and then flags for Fornovo.

    cheers Pete

  3. I think that may well happen! I am really keen to see the Borgia flags. I am currently painting up the Perry Italians and I have been glueing up your Florentine and Papal flags. Am I correct that all the Papal flags are for Julius II, I am sure the cross keys ones are as they carry the della Rovere arms but what about the guidons with the Swan and the B on them?

  4. Hi Oli,
    you are correct the Papal flags are for Julius II, my Italian Wars armies are based around Agnadello and Ravenna so Julius was my Pope of choice, or something like that.
    The other flags are Milanese from about 1512, the Dove inset with the radia magna had been a symbol of the rulers of Milan since the 15th century. cheers Pete