Monday 15 October 2012

Borgia flag number 5, this is a pretty crappy picture so will try and put  a better one up in a day or so. I've now completed 7 Borgia flags in total so will get back to completing the Milanese flags for the battle of Anghiari, cheers Pete  


  1. Another great flag, how can I order these Pete?


  2. Hi Oli, i have a few finishing touches to do on a couple of flags, i'm not happy with the yellow on this one and want to add more shading to the background. I've lightened the backgound on the Valentinois flag and changed the border to red and yellow and to me it look's much better. I'll let you know when the're done.

    cheers Pete

  3. Well Pete,
    This one is the best of the group, I think I will have to increase my order,dont forget to let me know when they are ready.
    Thanks again and well done.

  4. Thanks Pete

    There are a few things I would like to order from you when these are done