Thursday 22 November 2012

Several years ago I decided to paint a Venetian army using Front Rank figures however I wanted to make the pike  look more Italian  so I had a go at sculpting my own. I'd forgotten all about these until James Roach placed pictures of a unit that I'd given him at the time up on his blog . Looking at the pictures below  I think he's made a really good job of my sculpting efforts; here's the link to James' excellent blog:

I've got to admit I didn't find my experience of sculpting very rewarding and my hat goes off to anyone who has the skills and the patience to produce wargames figures; I'm just too cack handed. Above a picture of  my own sculpts (the one's with the Mick Jagger lips) and Front rank command figures; below two pictures of the figures painted by  James Roach, cheers Pete 

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