Sunday 7 July 2013

Battle of Agnadello 1509

Here's my representation of the standard of Pietro Marquis Bourbon del  Monte Sante Maria which was captured by the Swiss at the Battle of Agnadello. I'll probably do a bit more work to this flag and add a bit more contrast to the blue to give it a bit more definition otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. Credit for the info on this flag goes to Massimo Predonzani whose site can be visited here and the figure is from TAG. cheers Pete 


  1. Very impressive! Colors are just wonderful!

  2. Superb! I always look forward to your flags, they are definitely the best out there for the Italian Wars.
    Will this part of the Italian Fornovo set?

  3. Hi Oli, these will form part of the Venetiamn army at Agnadello set;Alviano and Pitigliano next.
    I've just about got enough info to complete the rest of the flags for the Fornovo set so they'll be next up for the Italian wars.

    cheers Pete