Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crann Tara Elizabethan Light Horse

Elizabethan light horse and character figure for Donnybrook; the figures are from Crann Tara  and in my view the figure wearing the burgonet on the right of the picture holds an uncanny resemblance to Graham the owner of the Crann Tara miniatures.
 I've now finished painting and varnishing eight units for donnybrook and aim to get the bases finished for a game next week. here's a link to the crann tara web pagehttp://www.cranntaraminiatures.co.uk/  cheers Pete 

close up of the hero model.


  1. Another great paint job and I don't mind if you think that figure is like me, spooky!

  2. Hola
    Buen trabajo
    un saludo

  3. Nice work Pete.

    Can we expect any more banners/standards for the Border Reiver era?


  4. cheers for the comments, Darrell I've three sets of English and a set of Irish flags completed, the pics are further down this blog. i'm also putting together a set for Henry VIII's 1544 invasion of France however have no idea when i'll have these painted yet.

    cheers Pete