Monday 25 August 2014

Wars of the Roses Yorkist

Here's  a pic of a couple of Yorkist flag bearers representing the White rose of   Edward IV and the Falcon and Fetterlock badge of the Duke of York, figures are from the Perry mercenaries box.


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    1. high praise indeed and much appreciated.

      cheers Pete

  2. Lovely work there. What approach do you take when crafting a standard or flag.

  3. Hi Richard,
    it's hard to say what approach I use; I make the flags as part a hobby so I tend to paint what I feel like or what i'm interested in. I also get quite a lot of requests so I can be persuaded if I find something 'shiny' .

    I paint the flags as if they were figures ie from dark to light and using washes where appropriate. I usually have to do two versions as the details don't reduce down for 15mm figures too well.

    It might be surprising but I'm not a big fan of printed flags, especially if you can see the pixels and my goal was to make the flags look hand painted so that they match the figures better. That's why my flags are seldom perfect or fully symmetrical; for me it adds to the charm but it's not for everyone.

    cheers Pete

  4. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the response. I agree with you on printed flags. I have a bundle of the flag sheets from Freezywater which were hand drawn I think. Anyway I always overpaint them.

    Looking at your work though it has given me the inspiration to draw up some of my own,

  5. Pete, it's wonderful to see you're back again - and what a come back. These are absolutely amazing!

  6. Just fantastic. Can we hope for some York it's flag sheets in the near future?


  7. Hi Pete!

    Tried your webstore, but seems to be down. Can you contact me at ? I'm very interested in your Papal flag sheet(s).