Sunday 12 April 2015

Henry VIII's Gentleman Pensioners

Here's an alternative flag for the Gentleman Pensioners which was a depiction of st. George and the dragon on a green field with a white and green border. The pictures aren't the best as due to the bizarre weather here in Sunderland today  I can't get the lighting right; i'll take some better pics when the lighting's better, cheers Pete 


  1. Afternoon Pete,
    This is a tremendous flag, will they be available soon to order.
    By the way, are you attending Salute, because I have your Borgia dvd to return. Great series.

    1. hi Robbie, I forgot to say, I'm on to the last one for this sheet and that's the flag for Sir Thomas Brandon, so th esheet will be available by next weekend.

      ta Pete

  2. Hi Robbie, cheers, the colours look a lot brighter in the flesh, I was hoping to go to salute and make a bit of a weekend of it as our lass is away on a hen night , however no one's up for it so it look's like I'll be dog sitting instead. I've been meaning to send you a message as I refound that Saxon flag I was going to complete for you a couple of weeks ago. All I can do is apologise I just forgot about

  3. Beautiful knights...and incredible flag, amazing details and very realistic!

  4. Another fantastic standard of painting, that flag is a work of art.

  5. Pete,
    Dont stress about the Saxon flag, I know you rae busy. Look forward to releease of these new Tudor flags.
    Thanks Robbie.