Monday 8 June 2015

print your own cloth flags

hi, I've managed to source some inkjet printer friendly cloth that 's a doddle to use without having any technical knowhow so I'll be starting to sell blank sheets so people can print their own flags from their own designs. To illustrate this the flag illustrated have not been hand painted  but taken from google and manipulated slightly.  The design has been taken from this excellent site of Italian re-enactors. please have a look the gallery  images are superb.

Hi, I've placed the printable cloth up for sale on Ebay  for th eprice of 33 for one sheet, £13:00 for five and £25  for 10 sheets, here's the link to my listings if anyone's interested: petesflags 


  1. Pete,
    That's great news. When will they appear on the shop?

    1. When I sort out how much the postage costs will be; if you're going to Durham on Saturday I'll fetch you one.

  2. Pete,
    Thanks for the offer but I'm off to Leeds for the Napoleonic exhibition.

  3. I love my flag in 28mm version !!

  4. That's brilliant :-) I'm into FAMALEONIS and learning that our banner has now been reproduced fills me with pride and satisfaction

  5. Enionline and Andrea, thanks for taking the time to comment on your flag reproduced in miniature. I'd also like to thankyou and the rest of your group for the work you do recreating 15th century Italy; I've found your site a great inspiration.

    Cheers Pete