Sunday 10 December 2017

Jacobite Ensign Clan Chattan

After a trip to Highlands with the old fella I couldn't help but take a shine to the '45 Rebellion. So after a slow start here's my take on the a Clan Chattan standard bearer  who according to my dad who should know as he's from Glasgow is the family clan. Clan Chattan is a bit of a mix of family's who stuck together for mutual protection and also  took a bit of a hammering at Culloden. The flag is conjectural with the shape of the  scroll and the motto taken from an old image of a Mackintosh coat of arms found on Pinterest and the Scottish wildcat badge is from a 19th century depiction however seems to be the most common  emblem used to illustrate Clan Chattan.  The figure is from Crann Tara; I've got quite a few of these to do on my painting table and cracking sculpts they are too; now I just need to decide on the rules.  


  1. Pete,
    Superb flag most inspiring and I love the paint job on the figure, the subtle colours work really well

    1. Cheers Graham, they're really nice figures to paint and will put a few more picks up when I've got the first batch painted. Also, you should have a small parcel through your door in the next day or two.

    2. Pete,
      Sounds exciting. Many thanks in advance

  2. I might have known you had Scots blood in you. Never mind, as the flag and figure is a beaut. Well done.

  3. What a wonderful flag...and what a beautiful Scot!

  4. Pete,
    got the gift - superb and many thanks. I shall be in touch

  5. That's a really nice looking figure and flag. Some of my ancestors we're aligned with Clan Chattan so I find the standard very interesting.


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  7. Pete - How can I acquire one of these magnificent figurines with the flag?