Sunday 29 July 2018

Blue Moon Italian Wars WIP

Here's a few pics showing the progress of my Blue Moon Venetian's which include a unit of Gendarmes and another base of spearmen, hopefully I'll have these based by the end of the week, cheers and thanks for looking Pete  


  1. Great work Pete, I really envy your painting skills on that barding!

  2. The caparisons are just fantastic!

  3. These are great Pete, the horse barding at this scale is superb, i to am painting some myself as french commanders at Pavia, bluemoon have done a great job with this range!

  4. Wow the barding is just fantastic in 15mm!
    Lovely work.
    Best Iain

  5. All your work is so superb but those horse bardings, unreal. Im painting the same Blue Moon figs but yours put mine to shame.
    Oh and I bought some of your flags on ebay and very happy with them.
    Your blog is a great inspiration.

  6. Those are superb, especially the barding. Very inspirational for those of us who recently purchased a bunch of Blue Moon's line.

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