Tuesday 20 August 2013

French Landsknechts

Here's a couple of pics representing the flags og the Landsknect  black Bands that were destroyed at Pavia. The flags are conjectural however look very effective when placed together. 


  1. Brilliant work as always. Thanks to you, I have decided to never make my own flags. I will simply wait until your next release. BTW, is there a timeframe for the release of these beauties and the Giovanni delle Bande Nere flags? ...and the Agnadello Venetian flags?

  2. Those are some of the coolest flags I have ever seen. Beautiful figures as well!

  3. Evening Pete,
    I think you better add these to my shopping list.
    Crack on, and let me know when they are all ready.
    Great work, Robbie.

  4. cheers for the comments. John, I'll pop them in with the other flags; Robbie do you want me to put a set in the post for you?

  5. awe..love to have some flags/banners for my Landsknechts project I started a few days ago...