Saturday 17 August 2013

Giovanni delle Bande Nere

Here's a couple of flags representing those flown by Giovanni delle Bande Nere. There's not much known about the flags flown by Giovanni , the first one's based on his coat of arms and the second one's the arms of Leo X mentor, uncle and employer to Giovanni.  I might do another two flags adding a black bend on a white field to the o the heraldry  however I'm not convinced that it would be very historical.

  I also need to do a flag for the man himself; I've seen a medal produced shortly after his death with a badge that looks like an Imperial Roman shield design  and read somewhere that he had a  dragon motif on a purple background. when I decide I'll get cracking with that, cheers Pete 


  1. Pete,
    Ive sent you an email, but the flags are better than I expected. Do the non historical flag as well,and his personal standard,I know they will be as good.
    Well done.

  2. Hi Pete, Fantastic work. And just a question, but could you give some indication of the physical flag sizes? I game in 15mm, but I generally use oversize flags, and these are so good it is very tempting to see if they could be used with my condottiere forces. My email is dougmelville (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  3. Hi Doug, I do all my flags for 15mm figures as well and have several sets on ebay at the moment. The price for a 15mm sheet is £2.50 for 5 flags and £5 for 10 flags plus a £1 for postage.

    The 15mm flags are slightly oversize being between 18-20mm in height with the banners being around 12 mm.

    hope this helps, cheers Pete