Sunday 3 November 2013

Giovanni delle bande Nere flagsheet

No body really knows what his flags looked like however here's my interpretation of the flags of Giovanni delle Bande Nere. My gut feeling is the yellow and black stripey one is the most likely however the others are based on coats of arms of Giovanni and the Pope. cheers Pete 


  1. Pete,
    You have excelled yourself again, I am supposing that this latest offering is in an envelope winging its way to me.
    Well done, Robbie.
    PS. I expect to see you at Smoggycon, where a large array of your flags will be on show.

  2. I'll have the flags on their way to you on Wednesday as I've got to let the sealant fully dry before packing.

    I'm not sure about smoggycon however will hopefully see you there.

  3. Cheers Chris, i'm working on a flagsheet covering some of Cesare Borgia's mercenary captains at the moment. Which if I keep on task and don't get sidetracked on Elizabethans and 15mm acw I should have done in the next fortnight.

  4. Thanks for the info pete. Those Italian banners are just the best, I have your Landsknecht sheet and I was totally over the moon at the quality of them. I am starting a Perry Swiss pikeblock soon so I will be purchasing more of your goodies within next week.