Saturday 30 November 2013

More English Elizabethan Tudor Flags

I've added a few more flags to the 16th century English and made a couple of changes to the first flagsheet; the figure is from the excellent Crann Tara garrison troops command pack . there'll be another Elizabethan's Irish Wars  flagsheet to do once I decide which ones to paint and I'll probably  do a set covering the English commanders at the enterprise of Boulogne.  Cheers Pete 


  1. Pete
    These look great - have you contacted owner of TAG - re him selling them alongside his late Tudor figure range too?

  2. Pete these are just excellent, I think you may have finally forced me to commit to some Tudors. Will you be doing the O'Donnells Flag, they were a big player in the 9 Years War?

  3. Pete,
    Great stuff, I've put your flags in the web shop with links to your store.
    Your mounted characters are on their way to you.
    Good to meet you at the show.
    Will be in touch next week for some of the new sheets.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Hi Oli, I'll be doing a flag for Roe O'Donnell as you can't game Tyrone's rebellion without having a character based on him. Unfortunately I can't decide which other flags will make up the sheet; so any help with this would be appreciated.

    Simon, From what I remember of the Kickstarter Flags of War are working with TAG on completing flags for their Tudor range and the one's I've seen are very nice. I've designed a set for the main English characters from the Boulogne Enterprise which includes Henry Viii's achievement of arms but haven't got round to painting them yet. I will do though when I decide what to do with the pile of TAG Tudor's I have.

    Graham the characters landed today, thanks and will probably be undercoated tonight. Email me about the flags and we'll sort some of the new sheets out.

    cheers Pete

    1. For Tyrone's rebellion Hugh Maguire and O Byrne from the ones I sent may be suitable. Maguire, Lord of Fermanagh was another leader in the rebellion and fought at Clontibret and Yellow Ford. The O Byrnes were notorious for their defeat of the English at Glenmalure 1580 in one of the Desmond Rebellions. Members of the Clan also participated in the Nine Years War so that would be a good one to do.

      Sorley Boy MacDonnell would be another great one for the Irish Wars in general, a Scot who ruled Antrim and had an army of Redshanks which took part in various wars with and against other Irish Septs and the English. I have no idea what his arms were though?

      The McSweeny, one of the big Galloglas families could be another more generic one.

      I haven't decided if I am going to get any figures for this period yet but I will definitely pick up the flag sheets from you when they are all complete.


  5. Hi Oli, thanks for giving me the heads up on these.I think I'll have to do some reading round the subject; I read the Cyril Fail book years ago but found it really tough going have you got any tips on good books to read?

    cheers Pete

    1. I agree about the Cyrill Falls book, it does kind of bombard you with facts and dates. It is very good in that it covers a whole series of wars and rebellions but it is difficult to wade through it all! I recently gave some reading suggestions on another bloggers site, I think you may find some of these more enjoyable than the Falls book!

      Hiram Morgans "Tyrone's Rebellion: The Outbreak of the Nine Years War in Tudor Ireland" is excellent for explaining the build up to the conflict and "The Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland: The 1590s Crisis" by John McGurk is equally good. It goes into great detail about recruitment, transporting the troops to Ireland and how unpopular the war was. From what I recall there is a great chapter on English experiences in combat.

      History tends to focus on the Earl of Tyrone when talking about the Nine Years war but "Red Hugh O'Donnell and the Nine Years War" by Darren McGettigan is an interesting study of the other leader of the rebellion.

      For the Desmonds, Richard Berleths' "Twilight Lords: The Fierce Doomed Struggle of the Last Great Feudal Lords of Ireland Against the England of Elizabeth I" is an entertaining read but not as academic as the above books.

      For the Redshanks there is Hayes-McCoys "Scots Mercenary Forces in Ireland, 1565-1603" and "Fire and Sword: Sorley Boy MacDonnell and the Rise of Clan Ian Mor, 1538-90" by J Michael Hill. Both are extremely detailed and quite heavy going but contain very useful information on the Scots and their presence as mercenaries and settlers in Gaelic Ireland.

  6. Hi Oli, there's some interesting sounding books there i'll drop the hint and see what Santy brings me, cheers Pete