Sunday 8 December 2013

Burgundian Flags

here's a couple of pics of my first Burgundian flag. this flag represents the personal standard of the 'Bastard' of Burgindy. the pictures haven't came out very good however i'll take some more when the lighting's better. there'll be more 15th century flags to come over the next few months as i'm planning on getting  started on some more wars of the Roses flags and a set of French flags from Louis XI tthrough to Louis XII. Thanks to Simon Chick for keeping the Burgundians on the agenda and helping  by providing several references including this facebook link which is pretty inspirational, cheers Pete 


  1. Wow, thats phenomenally superb (and done very fast) Pete!! That looks brilliant - and you've also knocked out a flag bearer for him.
    Really great work.

  2. Hi Simon, cheers. I think I've still got a bit work to do with this flag to get it to stand out a bit more but it's looking okay. I keep rolling this Perry figure out when I do a new flag, this is the third time his coat's been painted.


  3. That's beautifully done, hopefully you will have a nice sheet of them ready for when i paint up some burgundians next year.