Sunday, 5 January 2014

Battle of Piombino 1448

Here's some pictures pg Sigismondo Malatesta's army against Neapolitan troops at the siege of Piombino in 1448 taken from the Hesperis manuscript; which I think was completed in the 1460's. There's some interesting pictures of Italian infantry in action which if typical would  be an army list writers nightmare.

Basically the Italian infantry is intermixed with shield and spear armed  troops   in the from rank. these are supported by Pikemen with handgunners, crossbowmen and bowmen behind as well as swordsmen and javelin men ready to sortie out if given the opportunity.   cheers Pete 


  1. Greate pictures, very interesting !

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Excellent sorce material, thanks for sharing Pete.

  3. Very interesting illustrations - a good find. I think there is other evidence which points to medieval arms fighting in an integrated manner, whereas us wargamers assume units of all same/similar arms.

  4. These are great images. I'm not seeing them on the Bodleian site for the Lat. 81 Hesperis, although the style is very similar. Where did you find them?

  5. Hi Will, i think they all come from the Bodlein site however some might come from a manuscript illustrating the history of Naples. If I can refind the link I'll put it up on here.