Sunday 30 March 2014

2nd game of Donnybrook

Here's some pic from our second game of Donnybrook which was touch and go for most of but resulted in an English victory despite the English commander being killed. The cannon fired twice and managed to take two casualties off the Irish and both Irish commanders were captured after being knocked unconscious. The next game will be a raid to rescue these two.  All figures are by Crann Tara, cheers Pete 

Elizabethan Cannon 

Elizabethan Pike

Irish Arquebusiers

Uniformed Irish troops

English shot and longbowmen

Border horse clash with Irish kern

English Pike

English Swordsmen


  1. Sounds like a good game Pete! What a slaughter of leaders with 1 down and 2 captured!

  2. Hi Soren, I think we all went a bit gung ho

  3. Nice rep and really nicely painted mini's!