Wednesday 5 February 2014

Bande Nere flagsheet

Here's a pic of the finished Bande Nere flagsheet. I've gottta admit to having reservations about completing these flags however think they've come out canny and look the 'period'.  The flags are conjectural  as mentioned in an earlier post and I added the dice being thrown by the seated devil as I've seen this on a woodcut and it fit's with the idea of mercenaries.  cheers Pete  


  1. That is absolutely astounding! These flags will do magic to any miniature collection they'll grace.

  2. Now they are just gorgeous! They may well be conjectural but you can really imagine these being proudly flown in this period

  3. Magnifico!!
    You may even get some Fantasy collectors buying those too?

  4. Pete,
    Hopefully you will have received two e mails from me. Unfortunately I had to work back the last two nights and missed the post. They are your best work and never mind any reservations, they fit with the descriptions in the Black bande of Giovanni.
    So you better send me them pdq. Absolutely top notch.

  5. Really beautiful. I sent a post to your website asking to order a set. I'm painting the bands even now~

    1. Hi Miles, I'm experiencing problems with retaining emails from the webstore; once read the're disappearing and I'm unable to reply. Can you email me on with which flags you require. cheers Pete

  6. Those are very cool! Where Can One get this flag?