Sunday 16 February 2014

Crann Tara Elizabethans for Donnybrook

Here's the first of my  Elizabethan units  for use with the Donnybrook rule system  available from here: Donnybrook appears to work well for Elizabeth's War in Ireland so hopefully there'll be a supplement available from the League of Augsburg soon.  My initial thoughts regarding changes to the rules are  to count calivers as carbines and give a better saving throw to heavily armoured figures being fired at at long range. I'll use the army faction for the English and have at least a third of the units as raw and use the rapparee/highlander faction for the Irish.

The figures are the excellent Jim Bowen figures available from Graham at Crann Tara  miniatures

drilled Pike

Elite sword and bucklermen

Drilled shot 2

Raw Militia Longbowmen 

Officers, Musicians and standard bearers; the rules only allow for one standard bearer but I've painted two so I'll be using him.



  1. Greate paint work !

    Looking forward to your first AAR.

    best regards Michael

  2. Nice looking units. Thanks for the tip regarding Crann Tara!

  3. Excellent paint job and thanks for the plug.
    Was looking at using Donnybrook for my Jacobites in the 45