Monday, 10 February 2014

Ludovico Gonzaga II

It's amazing what blemishes you notice when you blow a picture up but here's Gonzaga ready, apart from a touch up here and there for basing 


  1. Wonderful work here….superb. You should be happy with how they've turned out.

  2. Lovely colors and details, especially the horse is really superbly painted!

  3. Evening Pete,you talented so and so.
    I dont recognise the figure. Is he one you've made?
    Thanks for the wonderful standard for Gongaza. Of course you do realise that I will probably plagiarise what you painted here.
    Well done again, Robbie.

  4. thanks for the comments on this figure, Robbie he's a simple conversion from a Perry plastic knight and based on an image in Massimo Predonzani's book on the Battle of Carravaggio 1448. Feel free to plagiarise away.

    cheers Pete