Saturday 8 February 2014

Ludovico Gonzaga

This is a WIP of my attempt to  make a 28mm representation of Ludovico Gonzaga at the Battle of Caravaggio 1448.   I'm using Massimo Predonzani's illustration in his book on the battle which can be obtained from here as mu guide.

The figure is Perry plastic with a Mirliton crest and tabard made from green stuff. The horse was originally meant for Ridolfo Gonzaga at Fornovo but a quick paint job will cover the red and white. The barding was made from the Italian armour in the boxed set with all the details sliced off with a scalpel and then  filed smooth, thinned with a pair of long nose pliers and trimmed to shape. I'll finish the edging on the armour when the greenstuff has dried. 


  1. Great work so far.... can't wait to see him painted up.

    Will he be with his standard bearer?


  2. Always like to see conversions - nice work and look forward to seeing him painted. Simon.